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Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows

Anyone who is in the market for single hung windows will find a variety of styles, shapes and materials available for their particular needs.

There is a similarity of single hung windows to double hung windows. They are mainly shaped as rectangular and are vertically set in a home in most cases. However, a major advantage to this type of window is that they are able to be designed to fit just about any opening. This allows for cleaning to be much easier since the panes can be tilted in and the bottom sash can open and close. There are many choices of materials that can be used for the frame. These choices include vinyl, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, wood, and wood that is clad with either aluminum or vinyl. Vinyl is the most inexpensive material with steel costing the most.

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There are several advantages to this style of window. A major one is the increase in energy savings when used to replace an old single pane window. When using vinyl as the material, less air is able to enter or exit which will reduce or eliminate drafts and will keep an even temperature in the home. This happens because when the window is closed the lower sash is sealed to the frame. By using closed cell foam as a weather stripping this is accomplished even more efficiently.

Another great advantage is the benefits to the budget. Even though this style of window is quite efficient, it is still the most affordable style on the market today. Because of the energy savings and the improvement in the appearance of the home, there is even more of a savings over a long period of time.


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