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July 10 2020

Consider Replacing Toronto Windows During The Summertime

Property owners in Canada frequently discover advantages in replacing windows during the summertime. Hunter Pro, window and door company in Toronto, offers valuable assistance undertaking this project. Property managers, homeowners, and others discover attractive lines of energy-efficient windows by perusing Hunter Pro, window and door company in Toronto. Why should smart consumers give serious...

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June 09 2017

Double Hung Windows

For any serious investor in real estate or homeowners, window choices should not come as an afterthought. Window styles determine the functionality of a house’s entire decor as well as its perceived value. Windows are a reflection of the owner’s style and level of sophistication. They determine the attitude with which tenants negotiate and accept rent and lease rates. They determine...

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May 02 2017

Tilt and Turn Doors

Warm Weather Brings All Kinds of Changes Including New Doors Spring is when it's time to think about new doors and windows. After paying winter heat bills that could be cut down by replacement to get rid of drafts and air leaks. These can both cut down on heating in cold weather and in summer save on cooling costs. Once the decisions made to replace or building a new home and making choices...

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April 05 2017

Garden Doors and What They Say About Your Personality

You’ve spent a lot of time in your garden this spring. Tending it, snipping away weeds, and watering it with care. It’s grown into a lovely, and serene, place for leisurely strolls and reading. When you’re inside the natural light streams in through your garden doors and fills your home with warmth. Which door did you choose to lead you from your home and directly to your...

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