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October 30 2020

Top Home Improvement Projects This Fall

The best time to undertake a home improvement project is during fall. During this period, you will have enough time on your hands. The weather is also bearable since the summer heat will be gone. Some of the major home improvement projects that you can undertake during fall include:Inspect Your RoofYour home should be dry and warm during the winter season as long as you have a solid roof. To make...

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October 23 2020

Signs It's Time To Replace Your Windows

While the windows in your home give years of service, they will eventually begin to deteriorate. If you haven’t inspected your windows lately, this is a good time to take a close look and see if there are signs that it’s time to replace them. Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows• Visible damage: This may be obvious, like a cracked pane. Sometimes, though, it’s the frame...

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October 02 2020

Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

Bringing in natural light makes your home brighter, lighter, and airy, giving an illusion of more space and creating a welcoming environment. It is also linked to mood and could help you wake up bright and early every morning. If you are looking to increase natural light inside your home, HunterPro Window and Door company in Toronto can help. Our skilled professionals can help you undertake...

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September 18 2020

Why Fall is a Great Time to Replace Your Windows and Doors

When the leaves begin to turn and those first, crisp days of fall appear, many homeowners like to get outside and spruce things up around their home. Along with tending the plants and bringing out the warm clothes, this is also a great time to make changes to your home’s doors and windows.HunterPro, window and door company in Toronto, can replace a window that was damaged by a summer storm or...

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