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Interior and Exterior Door Trends in 2020

Door trends come and go, but your house always stays the same. You have more than enough design options to choose from Hunter Pro Window and Door Company in Toronto. Keep on reading to learn about the interior and exterior door trends in 2020.

Glass Windows
Doors with glass windows provide the privacy you need while allowing you to look outside. Curtains or frosted glass can provide you with additional privacy. Fiberglass doors are strong, durable and resistant to damages from the outside. Fiberglass is stronger and more affordable than wood. These doors last for a century or longer with minimal maintenance.

Custom Doors
A growing trend is for homeowners to build custom front or back doors. Despite the higher cost, custom designs are more secure and longer lasting than the standard. Decide how unique your door looks and how long it lasts when you contact the providers at the Hunter Pro Window and Door Company in Toronto.

Frameless Glass
More patio doors are built with frameless glass to streamline the design. Large glass panes look invisible while showing a clear view of the backyard. The doors, held together by barely visible frames, are easy to slide open and close.

Stained Wood
Staining enhances the natural beauty of a wooden door. The exterior door is protected from strong winds and rains, and the interior surface is protected from scratches. A sealant is affordable to maintain and reapplied every few years to uphold the door's luster.

Neutral Colors
Neutral colors are always in style in most modern homes. However, there is a wider range of colors to consider for your front door, such as gray, beige, tan and mocha brown. Painting your door a new color is an affordable way to help it look brand new and give your home that updated look. 

Residential doors must stand strong and safe. That doesn't mean that homeowners shouldn't change the door's appearance every now and then. Your windows and doors really put your home together, so why not choose a door that fits your style. At Hunter Pro Window and Door Company in Toronto, our specialists can assist you in finding a door that is up to date with today's trends while fitting your own personal style. Contact us today to speak with a representative about adding a new door to your home. 

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