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How Your Windows and Doors Affect Your Energy Bills

Did you know that you can lose much of your heat or air conditioning through unsealed doors and windows? HunterPro, Window and Door Company in Toronto, wants to help you fix your doors and windows to save you money every month.

Heat Loss Means Money Spent
It doesn't really matter if you shut the door quickly if the door doesn't seal properly. Even if you try to limit the opening and closing of your door to limit the heat loss, or the cold air loss, depending on the season, it doesn't matter if your door or window doesn't seal. Why doesn't your door or window frame seal correctly? It could be a result of mold or water damage, the settling of the house or just craftsmanship issues. Whatever it is, it is costing you money. As hot or air or escapes from your house, your heating or cooling system is going to adjust. The more air that is lost, the more air that will be pumped from your home's system. You won't feel a change in temperature, but you will see a change in price on your energy bill.

The Solution
It can be hard to limit the loss of air without professional help. Different problems require different solutions. If the house is settling, you will need a different treatment than if there was water damage. To lift the stress from your shoulders, turn to the experts. HunterPro, Window and Door Company in Toronto, want to help you limit the loss of air from your sills. Contact us today for any of your window or door needs.

Don't worry what the damage is, here at HunterPro, Window and Door Company, in Toronto we replace any of your faulty windows or doors. Call us today to have your windows and door checked out and save money on your next energy bill.

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