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How Winter Impacts Windows and Doors

Winter brings joy and fun for many people, especially the youngest ones. However, low temperatures and snow during the season also present some downsides. For most homeowners, the winter is the perfect time for taking extra care of their properties to avoid damages and ensure everyone is comfortable.The weather can take a significant toll on your windows and doors since they are the first line of defence against external elements. The following are some of the most common issues you may notice during the winter:

The Risk of Ice Is High
During the winter, the cold temperatures lead to the formation of ice in gaps and openings that may be on the doors and windows. Warm air escapes and comes into contact with cold air in the gaps. The warm air is likely to freeze after meeting cold air since it has moisture. As a result, ice will form, making it hard to open the windows. Additional cracks will start forming, and you will notice damages to door frames and windows. If the fixtures are already damaged, consider installing a more durable solution from Hunter Pro, Window and Door Company in Toronto.

Warping and Shrinking of the Frames
For some materials, especially wood, extreme temperatures, and humidity can affect their structural integrity. For example, wooden window frames and doors can shrink or start warping unfavourably. Therefore, ensure the wood is treated regularly with paint or sealer.

This occurs when there is a significant temperature change on either side of a glass. Warm air starts rising and eventually cools. As it cools, it loses its ability to hold water. Since the air cannot hold the water vapour, it turns into small droplets. That’s the condensation you usually find on windows during the winter.

Formation of Drafts
If your windows are too old, poorly installed, or insulated, they are likely to cause drafts. One solution for the problem is installing weather stripping. In some cases, you may need to buy a new door or window. Proper installation by Hunter Pro, Window and Door Company in Toronto, will ensure they are properly sealed up to prevent the air from penetrating. Air getting into your home is the last thing you would want during the cold months as it means warm, inside air is escaping. If you have any questions about your windows and doors, contact us today!

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