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An Easy Way to Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

Every homeowner should take their property's curb appeal seriously. It directly affects a home's market value - in any neighbourhood. Smart homeowners want their real estate value to grow quickly. Getting top dollar, however, means maintaining great curb appeal. Knowing what attracts buyers and which improvements best grow value helps build profit. But don't wait until the last minute. Improve your investment regularly.

Two Smart Curb Appeal Boosters

The Front Door
Everyone looks at a home's front door. It grabs people's attention, or loses it, instantly. A good looking front entry is crucial. Realtors say that simply replacing the front door can make the difference between no showings and buyer interest. The right exterior door carries a lot of curb appeal weight.

Do invest in a quality-built door with good energy efficiency, like the ones offered at HunterPro, window and door company in Toronto. Buyers always start weighing the cost of improvements, interior comfort, and monthly utility costs between home inspection and closing time. An attractive door with a good R-value that insulates against temperature extremes is definitely an asset. The other doors in the house also carry some weight. They should all fit the opening properly, function correctly, and not allow drafts in.

The Windows
Older windows can become a problem with today's home buyers. They might escape notice until the last minute, but windows come under scrutiny at some point before closing day. Painted shut sashes, broken thermopane seals, and drafts are an issue. Replacing old windows is smart even without plans to sell soon. It will benefit both the current and future homeowners.

It's a lot more comfortable living in a home with well-insulated windows. There's about a 12% savings on energy costs too. New windows are also faster to clean and easier to open than older windows. No matter what style of windows you need, you'll find just the right selection at HunterPro, window and door company in Toronto. The best benefit of all? Sellers average about an 81% return on window replacement cost. If you are in need of a window or door upgrade, contact us today!

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