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Why Fall is a Great Time to Replace Your Windows and Doors

When the leaves begin to turn and those first, crisp days of fall appear, many homeowners like to get outside and spruce things up around their home. Along with tending the plants and bringing out the warm clothes, this is also a great time to make changes to your home’s doors and windows.

HunterPro, window and door company in Toronto, can replace a window that was damaged by a summer storm or give your home an entirely new look with modern windows all around. If you’ve recently added a patio or painted your home, new patio doors or a fresh new front door will further enhance its appeal. There are a couple of specific reasons why replacing your doors and windows in the fall makes good sense.

Having energy-efficient doors and windows in your home makes a big difference in the comfort level and heating costs during the winter. Your doors and windows may be older, from a time before the most up-to-date manufacturing methods in energy efficiency were in practice. Maybe they’ve become loose over the years or have begun to sag from the frame. Whatever the cause, if you’re getting drafts in the home, new windows and doors from HunterPro, window and door company in Toronto, can make it cozy and airtight. You can stand at your window and enjoy the beauty of the leaves changing colours without the cold air whistling in around the edges.

Appropriate Temperatures
A very practical reason for contacting HunterPro, window and door company in Toronto, for replacements in the fall is that it’s simply an appropriate temperature for the work. Fall provides the right temperature range for all the products, like sealants, caulking and paint, that need to air-dry during door and window installation. Mild temperatures also let you stay comfortable inside during the replacement process, when the outside air inevitably comes in.

If it’s time for new windows and doors on your home, HunterPro window and door company in Toronto can help you get a fresh look for fall. Contact us today to discuss replacing your home's windows and doors!

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