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Signs It's Time To Replace Your Windows

While the windows in your home give years of service, they will eventually begin to deteriorate. If you haven’t inspected your windows lately, this is a good time to take a close look and see if there are signs that it’s time to replace them.

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows
• Visible damage: This may be obvious, like a cracked pane. Sometimes, though, it’s the frame that deteriorates. Wood, metal and plastic frames are all subject to damage and failure.
• Detectable drafts: When you walk past a window and feel a draft, you know it’s time for replacements.
• Sticking: Windows should slide open and closed smoothly. If yours are sticking, rattling and getting hung-up, it’s time for replacements.

The Importance of Replacing Your Windows
Windows add to the appearance of your home and provide light and air, but they also have an important security function. If your window frames have deteriorated, they may make the entire window loose, or they may not hold the lock securely. This makes your home less secure. This is also true of windows that get stuck partially open. When your windows get stuck closed, you lose that exit in an emergency.

Drafty windows make your home uncomfortable and lead to higher utility bills. New, energy-efficient replacements stop drafts and have the added bonus of cutting the noise from outside. At Hunter Pro, Window and Door Company in Toronto, we’re happy to discuss the problems you’re having with your windows and the solutions we can offer.

Consequences of Not Replacing Your Windows
Your windows are not things that get better with age. The longer you delay replacing them, the greater the risk that they will fail. This compromises your home’s value, your family’s safety and your wallet.

At Hunter Pro, Window and Door Company in Toronto, we have a full range of window sizes and designs that complement your home. You'll enjoy quiet, comfortable, secure new windows. Contact us today to speak with a specialist about installing new windows in your home. 

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