Garden Doors and What They Say About Your Personality

You’ve spent a lot of time in your garden this spring. Tending it, snipping away weeds, and watering it with care. It’s grown into a lovely, and serene, place for leisurely strolls and reading. When you’re inside the natural light streams in through your garden doors and fills your home with warmth.

Which door did you choose to lead you from your home and directly to your garden? Did your personality influence which garden door you chose?

Let’s look at four different garden patio doors and what they may say about you.

The garden door attached to your office

This double-doored exit is made of glass so you can see into your blooming garden. It also has a picture window at the top to pour spring’s natural light into your office.

According to health and wellness resources, this door may signify that you have a clear map of your future, are adverse to surprises, and you love to plan for the life you dream of.

The opulent stroll to your garden

With a colonial grid this garden door breaks your freshly-showered garden into magnificent puzzle pieces. Your neighbor’s are amazed by your garden door’s elegance.

This door may mean you value relationships and bond with others on a deep level. You enjoy harmony with others and are considerate, say health and wellness resources.

From your room to your garden

Wide doubled-doors that swing out from the middle characterize this garden door. Every morning you can throw these doors open, smell the rain-scented spring air and gaze at your sunflowers, tulips, and roses.

This choice may mean you are adventurous and yet you enjoy security. You are most likely successful because you are a conscientious risk-taker, say health and wellness resources. Though the doors are different, this may be your personality type because your garden door is off of your bedroom. What a contradiction!

Garden doors off the deck

These full-paned garden doors do not lead directly to your garden, but to your patio. They are stylish, modern, and have large handles that make it easier for you to leave your home, sit in your comfortable patio chairs, bathe in May’s sunlight, and enjoy the day.

health and wellness resources say these doors may show you enjoy structure. Sometimes, your need for order can overwhelm you, but for the most part the order you exert in your life calms you.

The doors you choose to walk in, and out, say a lot about who you are, and will become. Even more so, the doors you choose for your home express your personality in more ways than you can think of. Solid wood doors may mean you are cautious, while a yellow-painted door may mean you are optimistic.

Either way, spring is a time for renewal. So, go through your magnificent garden doors and enjoy the beautiful weather, soft breezes, and find who you are.

Your door has given you a hint, now it’s your turn to discover even more!

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