Double Hung Windows

For any serious investor in real estate or homeowners, window choices should not come as an afterthought. Window styles determine the functionality of a house’s entire decor as well as its perceived value. Windows are a reflection of the owner’s style and level of sophistication. They determine the attitude with which tenants negotiate and accept rent and lease rates. They determine the living condition that tenants get to experience through ease of cleaning and maintenance, air circulation, energy utility and security of a house.

If you are privileged enough to get to decide what goes and what does not in your piece of real, estate, please exercise your freedom wisely. Many people who wish to have fashionable, easy-to-clean windows seldom get the chance at such user-friendliness. Do not make the mistake of enjoying blissful ignorance in your window selection. A superficial window choice made today will most certainly lead to later regret and wishful thinking that you could get another chance to incorporate optimal utility and elegance to your interior and exterior decor. This article will take you through the concept of double hung windows in contrast to other window types and styles to help you make an informed choice.

Most windows are hinged and open outward. They are not ideal for homes with walkways, decks or porches. They are also not very friendly for apartment front ways and balconies. They are easy to shatter in cases of mildly strong winds. Children playing about can also accidentally bump into them and incur glass cuts. They also allow cold and hot temperatures and ultimately affect your energy utility negatively. They let in moisture and increase the probability of water damage and rot susceptibility. They do not do much for the aesthetic value of your interior and exterior decor either.

Hung Doors

Hung doors are ideal for boosting the aesthetic appearance of a house from both inside and outside. They either have single or double sashes. These sashes often look elegant and gleaming. However, their primary purpose is locomotion. It is at this point where hung windows move vertically to either open or close. Since they do not open horizontally, these windows are an excellent choice for rooms facing porches, balconies, and walkways.

Although single hung windows are generally cheaper than double hung windows, they have certain limitations that their upgrades don’t. Single hung doors are not as easy-to-clean as double-hung ones when they go any floor higher than ground floors. Their top sash does not open, and they become harder to access, especially from outside. Homeowners have to hire window cleaners to do the job frequently. Two sash windows are pretty much tilted windows that can be slid up and town for easy washing.

Two sash windows make better ventilators than single hung windows. You can choose to open the upper sash, the lower one or both. Only the lower sash opens for single hung windows. The freedom allowed by these tilted windows yields better temperature control and results in reduced usage of air heaters and fans.

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