Are Fibreglass doors better than wood and metal doors?

There are many options to choose from when selecting what material to have your doors made out of. The question we want to answer today is whether fibreglass is the better material to have your doors in rather that wood or metal and if so then why.

First we need to look at what fibreglass is. Fibreglass is pretty much exactly how it sounds it is glass made to look a little bit like thin fibres. The glass is heated until it is molten and then it is passed through tiny holes to make the glass spindles. The spindles are then woven together to make larger sheets of material. Depending on what the use of the fibreglass is to be once it is made different resins can be added to it during the creation process after it is woven together to make it stronger. As well as doors fibreglass can be used for swimming pools, spas, surfboards, sporting equipment, boat hulls and many car parts.

What are the benefits of Fibreglass doors?

The first thing to mention is fibreglass doors are in fact more expensive than the traditional wood or metal doors. This is solely down to the fact that the production process of fibreglass is very extensive and is much longer than that of the other material options.

  • Stronger than vinyl doors.

  • They do not scratch, peel or warp easily - they practically stay in the same state as when you buy it.

  • It’s possible to get the fibreglass available in a range of different colours

  • As well as a multitude of colours you can also get fibreglass made to look like it is actually wood - For if you prefer the look of wood but the benefits fibreglass gives.

  • Low maintenance - Wipe down to clean with a wet cloth

  • Great Insulation - Fibreglass in itself was originally created to be used as insulation. The strong fibreglass outer shell encases insulating foam that means that the door can insulate up to FIVE times better than a wood or metal door.

It should be noted that to make sure that your fibreglass door definitely does not warp you clean it regularly; you also want to look out for a door that has been assembled using reinforced fibreglass panels, full-length stiles, and water resistant seals. When looked after properly the potential of a fibreglass door really is endless.

Energy Efficient!

Fibreglass doors are made to be extremely energy efficient, they are designed to keep the cold out during the winter and the heat out in the summer. This means that the cold and heat stays outside and your radiators and air conditioners need to necessarily be on.

There are many benefits to this material that have not been mentioned, but either way it is good to look at, keeps up endurance, easy to maintain, energy efficient, and secure. What more could you ask for?

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