Awning Windows

Awning windows typically swing out and upwards and are usually hinged at the top.

The Awning windows in our collection allow a 45+ degree opening from the bottom, therefore giving the room a proper airing. Our Awning windows are also equipped with a protective shield against rain, and are easily cleaned thanks to the removable screen.

Awning windows open and close very smoothly and without any effort! The maximum visible glass area provides enhanced outdoor visibility. Awning window opens from the bottom out – which prevents rain from entering but still provides maximum airflow into a room.

Benefits of awning windows

HunterPro awning windows made of superior vinyl materials are reputed to be energy-efficient windows that are able to reduce cold drafts for a warmer home or office during the summer.

The interior surfaces of the home or office with such energy-efficient windows remain warm with the maintenance of a higher humidity level that prevents condensation on the windows. With our installation we help maintain the right humidity in the home or office to enjoy the right cozy atmosphere.

Installing energy-saving awning windows in Toronto serves to minimize air leakage while improving thermal performance of the window. Interior storm windows can be installed in conjunction of awning windows to enhance energy efficiency as much as 50% to enjoy lower energy bills.

Premier awning windows offer a clear unobstructed view of the outside with an added elegance and style that would benefit any home or office.