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Professional window replacement & door installation company

HunterPro is a team of skilled professionals, true experts in windows and doors installation. HunterPro offers exclusively high-quality services using the material of the highest possible standard. Our windows and doors are known as the best on the market possessing such benefits as aesthetic appearance, energy saving and security.

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Make your house a better place

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities as new look windows & doors.
With HunterPro, your doors and windows will look amazing.
Plus save your money on energy bills by replacing energy efficient windows & doors. Moreover, we are ready to help you with home windows and doors replacement not only in Toronto but also in its surrounding areas, so feel free to contact us anytime!

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Client Testimonials

  • I needed just 1 window replaced. But thanks to Hunter Pro and the team I was able to apply for financing and replace all windows in my home. I got top of the line product and saved a ton!

    Thank you Zoya for helping me set up the financing I am very much enjoying my new energy efficient windows!

    Olga N
  • Replaced my windows in my rental property in Burlington! Very happy. Big Thank you Zoya !

  • Hunter pro corporation is very reliable and professional company , my parents recently just replaced all their windows and doors with this company , the job was done on time and all the installers were very nice and professional and the job was done very clean



  • What are the most popular window styles?

    Picture Window. Making your home look its best is something that every homeowner takes great pride in. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this task, but one of the most effective ways is to create a beautiful look through the use of picture windows. There are actually many reasons why you might choose this option for your home. First and foremost, it gives you the chance to beautify your home and at the same time, create a home that is functional. When done correctly, this can help you properly insulate your home so that it reduces your heating and cooling costs while giving you a spectacular view of the area around you. When you really think about it in those terms, it is easy to understand why so many people choose to have these types of installations incorporated into their homes.

    Casement Window. Casement windows are highly popular for its exquisite design and style that is beautiful to the eye and versatile in its function. They are...

  • What are fiberglass doors

    This amazing option offers many benefits that a traditional wood or even steel door does not. It is becoming a popular choice for both homeowners and commercial properties alike and it is leading the way for more and more people as they are beyond satisfied. Its benefits far outmatch the competition on most regards. And you don't have to sacrifice looks or beauty. And the value doesn't stop there.

    It is a low maintenance product. It takes very little care to make sure your choice product remains looking brand new. This is welcomed news compared to a traditional wood door. You will be thrilled to know it won't rot and even the harshest climate won't make it rust. Rain and snow won't affect it at all. So often traditional door will begin by looking great and yet become warped due to the climate. But with this option you will maintain its beauty and its strength.

    This product is not only low maintenance but it is strong as well. It has the strength of a steel option. It will feel safe will not dent or warp. This means your family can feel safe and you don't have to worry about a dents or having dings in it. And what many people don't realize is the not only is it long lasting and it is also energy efficient.

    This energy efficient product provides a quiet atmosphere and can save you money. Your heating and cooling bill will lessen as you keep unwanted airflow out. It is a sound investment and will save you money monthly. Unlike steel or wood, that allow air in, fiberglass will provide a warm, quiet environment.

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